This racoon dog was roaming around after it put its head in a container to lick down to the bottom, and it couldn't take it off. I was laughing my head off when I saw this poor little one bumping around here and there and making funny "poco, poco" noise whenever it struck something, although I also felt bad that it was a possible death-facing matter.

It was actually more than a little problem to rescue the rascal from it. I grabbed the container and pulled it up. The racoon dog also came up in the air and dangled, and I couldn't pull it off. Its ears got completely stuck. Then I stepped on the container, squishing and changing the shape of it. In that moment, its head came out of the container. The racoon dog ran head over heels (paws) and disappeared in the mountains (without thanking me).

It was a such day that made me think things like that happen sometimes.

* The words on the picture say, "Who turned off the lights?"