次の日、先生との約束で夜八時まで病院に来て下さい(犬の退院の為)と言う事だったので、夕方六時に家を出た。道路も渋滞が無く無事に八時少し前に着いた。 直ぐ先生と犬に面会した。見るからに犬の状態は良くなっていた。力強さは無いが、四本の足でふらつきながらも歩いていた。

先生が言うには「食欲が有るから多分、大丈夫だろう。この後この犬をどうするんですか?」と言うので、三春町の保養所(被災地のペット用)に連れて行くと言った。 それから、入院費用は幾らですか? (二万円は用意していた) と聞くと、先生 曰く、あの松村さんですよねと言うので、そうですと応えたら、納得した様子で、料金は五千四十円で良いですと言うので、私がビックリした。なんでも残りの料金は被災地ペット保護の機関から出るとのことでした。

先生に礼を言って足早に帰宅した。 又、次の日、三春町のペットの保養所に向かった。(診療所の先生には前もって電話をしていた)

約束の時間九時、少し遅れて着いた。直ぐ先生に面会した。事のなり行きを話すと先生が直ぐ犬の診察をした。 結果はやっぱり小名浜の先生と同じだった。カイセンが酷い、フィラリヤに掛かっていれば治療が難しいと。それでも注射はする(カイセンの治療)と私に言った。もしかしたら直ぐ死ぬかもしれない、と半分 私をおどかしのつもりで言ったのか?……でも先生はちゃんと血液検査をしてくれた。


今日で二週間目。食欲は旺盛、薬も朝、夕二回飲んでいる。ウンコも良好。少し気になる事が二つ有る。今日まで一度もワンもキャンも言わないし、右目の目やにが少し気になる。用心深いのはまだしょうがないと思う。でも少しづつ良くなっている。そろそろ名前を付けてやらないと !

追伸 写真の載せ方が良くわからないので、皆さん どうもスミマセン。

Next day I left home 6 in the evening since the veterinarian told me to come by his animal hospital by 8 p.m. to pick up the dog. The traffic wasn't that bad, and I arrived at the hospital shortly before 8. I immediately met the doctor and the dog. It obviously looked much better. It didn't look strong, but was somehow tottering.

The doctor said, "The dog has an appetite. It should be ok. What are you going to do with this dog now?" So I told him I would be taking it to a recreation facility in Miharu town made for the disaster victim dogs. Then I asked how much the cost of the treatment is. (I brought about ¥20,000, or about $240.) The doctor replied, "You're that Mr. Matsumura, correct?" I said, "Yes I am." Then he nodded and told me ¥5,040, or $61, will do. I was surprised. He went on to say he would receive the rest of the money from a disaster pet protection group.

I thanked him and left the hospital for home. Then next day I drove to the recreation facility in Miharu town. (I had called up a doctor there before.) I arrived shortly after 9 a.m., a little later than I promised I would be. I then met with the doctor. I told him how I found the dog and thereafter. The doctor soon started seeing the dog. The result was the same as the doctor (mentioned earlier) in Onahama. The dog's mange is terrible. If the dog also has filariasis, the treatment would be very difficult. The doctor told me he would give him a shot for the mange. There is a chance the dog might not make it, he said. He nevertheless checked his blood.

"Oh, there is no filariasis. it's good. The injection should work," he said. I felt good, too. Then after the shot, he gave the dog an ivy and some medicines. I left there after what the medicines are for.

It's been two weeks. The dog's appetite is very good. He takes medicines well, one in the morning and one in the evening. His shit looks good, too. But there are a few things I'm still concerned about. The dog hasn't bowed even once. He has eye boogers on his right eye. I can understand why he could still be reserved, but it's getting better little by little. I better name him by now!

I don't really know how I can upload pictures here. I'm sorry everyone.