キセキ 6

「キセキ」、今から最高の幸せをズート味わってくれ !

私がキセキに学んだ事… 警戒区域の中で、一年半もボロボロに成りながら、必死になって生き続けた結果、チャンスと出会いに恵まれ、人生(犬生)が一変(薔薇色)した事ヲ…

"Kiseki," make sure to taste the utmost happiness from now on!

Things I learned from Kiseki... His life totally changed and is coming up roses a year and a half after he wandered around in the evacuation zone, became worn out, struggled to stay alive and eventually came blessed with the chance and the meeting.

* "Kiseki" means "miracle" in Japanese.


It was not too windy today. It's been so warm just like an Indian summer.
Well-fed cows enjoyed the day sunbathing and taking it easy.

牛 1

牛 2



On the way back from the ranch, I was thinking about the salmon. So I dropped by the river. They were swimming fine two weeks ago, but now after their spawning I find them dead here and there.

I hope young fish grow well in the ocean for four years and look forward to seeing them back here.

鮭 1

鮭 2

Several weeks ago I applied for the relief money offer that an animal aid group suggested.

義援金交付の書類 1

義援金交付の書類 2


義援金が1円も出ないのは、どうしてなんですか? と聞いた答えに又ビックリ。



私は、犬猫も保護して居るのに、なんで駄目なんですか? と聞くと、答えは同じ、松村さんは牛を保護して居るから。

何の為の動物愛護協会なんでしょう? 協会の人が動物の命に対して線引きするとはとんでもない話しです。
この事実に対して、世の中 (世界中) の皆さんは、どう思いますか ?


I was a little disappointed to get a rejection letter.
I wasn't really convinced, so I called the emergency rescue force to find out why. Then I was surprised to hear their response.

It went like this.
I asked why I couldn't receive even a penny of the relief money. And I got surprised again.

Their response was like...

Because Mr. Matsumura, you rescue cows, you weren't qualified for the relief money.

So I told them I also rescue cats and dogs. Why am I not qualified? Their answer was the same. Because I rescue cows.
I couldn't believe it. I was astounded and got even angry.
(public interest incorporated foundation ) The Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals draw a line over the lives of animals - cats and dogs should stay alive, and cows should die.

What is this humane society for? Those people draw a line over the lives of animals. It's bloody cruel.
What do folks all over the world think about this matter?
Please call them up and protest if you think it's unbelievable.

I'm not good at writing. I regret that I can't tell the whole story well.

Kiseki's hair has started growing almost throughout his body, but it's still short. It didn't look like he could survive the recent cold weather in the mornings and evenings. So I had asked Mr. Kitada in Tokyo to adopt the dog.

キセキ 3

キセキ 4

北田さん、大事にしてネー !

Mr. Kitada, please take care of him !