キセキ 6

「キセキ」、今から最高の幸せをズート味わってくれ !

私がキセキに学んだ事… 警戒区域の中で、一年半もボロボロに成りながら、必死になって生き続けた結果、チャンスと出会いに恵まれ、人生(犬生)が一変(薔薇色)した事ヲ…

"Kiseki," make sure to taste the utmost happiness from now on!

Things I learned from Kiseki... His life totally changed and is coming up roses a year and a half after he wandered around in the evacuation zone, became worn out, struggled to stay alive and eventually came blessed with the chance and the meeting.

* "Kiseki" means "miracle" in Japanese.